Friday, December 2, 2011

Manly Bare Feet Too

04e3eea77b168c9ce822d46199704eb4 Year: 2011

Genre: Amateur, Fetish, Bare feet, Twinks, Massage

Duration: 00:55:07

Starring: Austin Power, Coach Carl, Oliver Starr, Tyler James, Travis James, Heinrich Hoddie, Gabriel Sessi, Jake Harrison

Description: Triangle Dream presents “Male Bare Feet Too”, starring Oliver Starr, Travis James, Tyler James, Heinrich Hoddie, Austin Power, Jake Harrison and Gabriel Sessi. Nick Baer presents seven nude male models, showing off their bare feet, toes and soles. Watch, marvel and worship what these guys have to offer!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Man Whores Vol. 5


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Year: 2006

Country: USA

Genre: Latinos, Muscles, Oral / Anal Sex, Duets, Outdoors, Cumshot

Length: 1:34:12

Description: They’ll do whatever you please, no task is too hefty for these cock slaves! These Man Whores will bend over any which way to please you. This movie is packed with hot studs and gay hardcore action from start to finish!


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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dick of Death: Return of the Anaconda


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Year: 2004

Genre: Latino, Black, Big Cocks

Duration: 01:31:54

Cast: Starring Ricky Martinez, Viper, Dimitri Sands (Aka Dimitri), Berto, Nikki, Dicksman, Simon and Raymond

Peppered throughout with nasty sex-talk in Spanish, and with another stunning performance by Ricky Martinez (a.k.a. Anaconda, and with good reason), “Dick of Death: Return of the Anaconda” is tailor-made for us Latino-philes. Ricky’s uncut slab of cock makes its presence known immediately, namely as an enormous bulge the cafe’ au lait hottie fondles through the pouch of his black undies while Dicksman sits next to him in goggle-eyed, slack-jawed wonder. Dicksman doesn’t have to wait long before he gets to sample what he’s salivating over, swallowing down Ricky’s hot rod while Ricky growls orders to him. The scene includes lots of footage of all the fun things Ricky can do with an endowment that is reportedly a foot long (I’m certainly not going to question it): he slaps it against Dicksman’s face so hard that it had to leave a mark - actually it’s more like he pistol-whips him with it; he performs his always awe-inspiring self-suck, which for Ricky is hardly a feat at all; and ultimately, he fucks the hell out of Dicksman’s ass, which actually is an impressive feat, but its in Dicksman’s favor this time, not Ricky’s. This is the longest scene here, and undoubtedly the most intense, culminating in Dicksman jerking off while Ricky dangles his meat into Dicksman’s open mouth, and then Ricky lying back and jerking his cock until it unloads all over his taut, brown abs.


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obsession of D.O.


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Year: 2007

Country: US

Genre: gay, Anal, Oral, Bareback, Muscle

Length: 1:45

Cast: DO, Rafael Alencar, Chris Barton, Enrique, Hanlon Kressler, Josh Weston, Mason Wyler, Rocko, Rod Barry, Scott Tanner, Sergio Del Castillo

DO is wandering around in the dark streets of New York when he spots Rafael Alencar, the man of his dreams. He follows Rafael into a mysterious house - is it a dream or reality? He wanders thru smokey and shadowy dark rooms till he walks into a bright white room. There he sees Mason Wyler lying on a white daybed sucking on Rafael’s gigantic cock. Mason swallows the entire tool to its base without even a flinch. Rafael pumps his massive manhood into Mason’s mouth over and over again, then flips him over and shoves it up his his hungry tight ass, causing Mason to screams with pain / pleasure.


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Saturday, January 15, 2011



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Year: 2007

Country: Japan

Genre: Asian, Oral / Anal Sex, Rimming, Sperm, Handjob, Group, Cumshot

Length: 2:03:11

Studio: Bravo!

Description: Bravo is known for starring only one or two models per video, but also they have another line which specializes in preparing orgy parties. In this video they organized their fan club members in Tokyo for a 16-person orgy, and those in Osaka for an 11-person orgy. Very likely the 11-person orgy was filmed first, since it was less-well organized. The 11 men all stripped nude, wore dark glasses, sat on the hotel room floor carpet, and then started kissing. Some 3 or 4 got fucked by the others, and at the end they all cum onto one man in the center. In the 16-men orgy, there were five who had the numerals “1, 2, 3, 4, 5,”noticeably marked on their upper arms, and they wore black blindfolds. These were the ones sitting in the center. The other 11 were on the outside and they wore dark glasses. The blindfolded guys were fucked by the dark-glassed guys. It was bareback, and all the bottoms asses oozed with cum at the end, and their faces were also drenched with cum. After describing what went on in this video, I must say that I did not enjoy it the least bit. All faces were masked, and there were no characterization at all. Lighting was insufficient, and the whole film was tinged with a pink color. The sex was alright but messy and not very focused on what it was all about. So if you just want the screen to be filled with nude bodies having hard porn bareback sex, and not discriminating on the looks of the models, you might feel free to enjoy the video.

Ben Moore And His Dildo


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Country: USA Genre: Stud, Muscule, Solo, Dildo, Masturbation, Cumshots Length: 00:19:14 Description: Since we first met Ben, we have loved his super-sexy bod. Of course every chance we get we try to get him down to show off, so we were really excited when he called us one night and asked if there was anything he could do. When we asked him to do a scene with some ass-play and a toy, Ben said he would think about it. Sure enough, ten minutes later, Ben called back and asked how soon we could get him down. In this vid, Ben really shows how much more at ease he is with himself compared to his first video. Ben works himself up and then starts inching his dildo into his tight ass. You are bound to get a hard-on as Ben shoves the dildo in deep. Ben has the most beautiful chest, abs, and cock - with his dildo stuck up his hole, he is the complete package! We can only imagine that he would look even better with a real cock up his ass!


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

After Hours – Mike Colucci and Lucio Saints




When we catch Mike Colucci & Lucio Saints there already in the middle of a hot make out session on the balcony. They quickly move into the apartment where they continue making out, The boys manage to get each other undressed and Mike wastes no time getting his mouth around Lucio’s massive uncut dick. Lucio turns Mike around and tongue fucks Mike’s smooth ass before the guys suck each other off. Mike, being the hardworking professional that he is, services Lucio’s huge piece until it’s hard enough to ram into his ass. Lucio pounds this muscle bottom for all he’s worth until they both spill their seed all over Mike’s 6-pack abs. Lucio finishes off by getting a good taste of all that cum, savoring every drop.

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